Women Give Mixed Reviews on Whether Professional Relationships are Moving Them Closer to Their Goals

Career women seek professional relationships to gain leadership skills but give mixed reviews on whether these relationships are moving them closer to their goals.


Jacksonville, FL – April 25, 2018 – The Center For Confidence (TCFC) has released the results of a new study on women and career confidence that suggests more than two-thirds of women have multiple professional relationships to support career development, but only 37 percent are confident these professional relationships are moving them closer to their goals.

The Relational Confidence Survey questioned 27 women of the 2,000-member female networking group, She is Fierce!, during a one-day event in November 2017. The research sought to explore the degree to which women were confident that their professional relationships were moving them closer to their career goals. These relationships were identified as coach, mentor, champion, and sponsor relationships which were defined in the survey.

The survey, conducted by The Center For Confidence, LLC, an organizational and leadership coaching firm in Jacksonville, Fla., and Dr. V Brooks Dunbar, creator of The Confidence Commander Lifestyle Brand for women, found that among women who identified as having a coach, mentor, sponsor, or champion, over the past three months, only four or 14.8 percent were fully career-confident prior to the relationship. During and after the professional relationship ended, the number of respondents with full career-confidence increased to ten or 37 percent.

Key Findings:

  • More Than a Third of Women Report Professional Relationships Boost confidence

  • Women Seek Multiple Types of Professional Relationships

  • Leadership Skills: Where Women Gained the Most Confidence

With all groups combined, leadership was the skill that received the greatest level of increased confidence followed by problem solving and decision making. Of the groups that included champions and/or sponsors, these relationships focused on leadership first followed by equal attention given to building confidence in communication and problem-solving skills.

Conclusion & Method

Extended research findings may be found on the Press tab at www.drvbrooksdunbar.com. Please direct any questions regarding survey methods and/or its findings to Dr. Dunbar at info@TheCenterForConfidence.com

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