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Dr. V Prescribes a Big Dose of Business Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs and their Coaches

April is Financial Literacy Month and as workers flood the entrepreneurial space, business financial acumen and business financial literacy is becoming a larger part of the industry of financial education. These are essential skills that entreprenuers must learn and learn quickly if they are going to survive those early critical years.

Entrepreneurship and financial coaching make sense, says Dr.V Brooks Dunbar, President and Founder of the Entrepreneur Coach Institute or ECI, an online training curriculum designed to help life, business, and financial coaches to focus on revenue generated as the primary outcome when working with entrepreneurs. The need for greater business acumen has hit a tipping point as workers leave the workforce in record numbers to start the journey towards self-sufficiency in hopes of finding economic freedom.

Without revenue, there is no business. It’s the core focus of this curriculum and our work. We start with the person, not the business, and develop as successful entrepreneurs based on a single focus, financial goal attainment, says Dr. V Brooks Dunbar, President and Founder ECI.

The challenge is that while there are many opportunities for business owners to get help from a life, business, or financial coach, none of these coaching niches are designed to focus on drivers of entrepreneurial success and that is a person's ability to generate revenue and manage business financial acumen.

ECI is the first professional coach curriculum of its kind designed to focus on bridging life, business, and financial coaching practices to build a better entrepreneur. For more information on ECI, visit

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