What Confidence is NOT

Confidence is not about public speaking

Confidence is not about image

Confidence is not about self-esteem

As I begin checking off my final action items for the year’s end, I decided to enroll in a branding master class with renown Washington, D.C. brand expert Jennifer Ransaw Smith. I felt privileged to have been invited into the class and now I had to prepare myself to be in the right mindset to maximize the experience. I couldn’t afford to fall short. As the Founder and Lead Coach at The Center for Confidence and as the author of DIVA DECISIONS: How to Get from Smart to Intelligent by claiming Your Power of Choice, my commitment to my team and our clients is to empower them to reach their full life potential with confidence and self-leadership.

I needed the master class to help refine my purpose and message. As a coach, I knew that I had to open my mind, clear out the clutter, and be prepared to deal with any unforeseen change. As I ask my clients, you must be committed to, and take full ownership of, your own development.

Upon registering for the class, I was asked a series of thought-provoking questions: “How would you describe your personal brand,” this was followed with questions about my competition. I came to realize very quickly that I was in the right place. And, what was more important was that it brought out a clear picture of what my brand was not.

Confidence is not about public speaking; Confidence is not about image; Confidence is not about self-esteem…these are the outcomes.

Confidence-building is an investment in developing the hard and soft skills to that increase self-belief across multiple aspects of our lives and to a level that creates resilience to, and a positive outlook on, enduring change. Confidence is the result of self-efficacy (belief in one’s abilities) and optimism (a positive outlook towards unknown outcomes). When confidence is seen in action, it is about having choices and making powerful decisions in the face of an unknown but optimistic future. Professional coaching is the business that builds confidence.

At The Center for Confidence, we help individuals increase confidence using strengths-based coaching, positive psychology, self-assessments, and soft-skills training in areas such as decision-making, problem solving, social and emotional intelligence, goal setting, interpersonal communication, and wellness.

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