Your Confidence Challenge: Define Your Story

A few days ago, while participating in a discussion thread with a group of women entrepreneurs, a member posted the question, “Why are some members not using social media?” One response stuck with me and inspired this week’s confidence challenge to: Define your Story. Her response was that she would use social media when she becomes relevant. I was shocked. You are relevant now, I responded. We all are. We just need to tell our story and offer it to the world.

Your Confidence Challenge:

Define your Story. Take a memorable story from your life and write a short narrative that adds value and is meaningful to others. Post it publicly and see the reward of storytelling.

Here is my story.

It’s the last week of Pride Month, and I can’t believe I almost missed it.

My awareness of LGBT Pride has grown over the years in a positive way. I liken it to a transition from fear, to sadness, then curiosity, and now love.

My fear as a child stemmed from simple ignorance coupled with plenty of religious overtones about why gay people should be outcasts.

My transition to sadness emerged when I accidentally attended a gay night club. A friend invited me as a potential place to hold a reunion party. I was happy to check out the very affordable downtown Orlando location and met the owners who offered a tour of the venue outside of business hours. They then invited both of us back for a show.

I can honestly say I was clueless. I didn’t realize the male owners were a couple. I didn’t realize the patrons were all LGBTQ until the show started. I now appreciate that I may have spent the evening among people who were celebrating the highest order of life, being authentic to themselves.

I left feeling very sad. How was it to experience life when feeling like one thing while physically being viewed as something else?

It finally clicked in my head when I saw the movie the Crying Game (1992). That movie made it all come together. I still talk about it on occasion. I remember telling a friend about it and his words have stuck with me ever since. People come in all ranges of sexuality. It’s no different than when we are born with various ranges of intelligence. I’ve met some very intelligent people, geniuses, and I’ve met some who struggle to express a coherent thought. And neither can help or fake who they are.

I gained curiosity and empathy.

Curiosity has allowed me to learn and grow. I feel free from mental bondage. I feel free to grow. I feel free to love all humans equally. I saw The Bird Cage (1996) and appreciated the humor even more. I saw Brokeback Mountain (2005) and felt the characters' pain.

Today, I am living my best life and showing the world the best version of myself, all because I am able to give and receive love and compassion from gay friends, family members, and strangers, without judgment, without fear. It makes me a better life and business coach because I offer a safe, nonjudgmental, and open environment where my clients can take action to create the life they desire.

Define your Story.

Dr. V Brooks Dunbar

The Confidence Commander

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