How I'm Celebrating & Making Black History in 2018

We are motivated in many ways. Some are motivated by altruism, some by power, others by a desire for acceptance. Whatever the motivation, defining it can be a journey.

How will I make Black History in 2018? Sadly, I needed to hire brand coach to help me map out my destiny, life-purpose, and personal mission while I’m still able to do it and in-the-moment. Meaning, while not living in the past or the future, but for now and today, what is my impact?

Today, that answer is clear. As a matter of fact, it was my brand coach, Jennifer Ransaw Smith of BrandID Strategic Partners (I celebrate her talent), who blurted it out after hearing a long string of phrases and conjoined thoughts on what I wanted to give to women. We were talking about my book, DIVA DECISIONS, and what was next.

“You want to be the engine behind women who are changing the world,” she said and without pause continued to ask about value, passion, and worth.

Without realizing it, she had broken me. Almost immediately, Dr. V, The Confidence Commander was born, and the words and thoughts started flowing onto paper. I will make black (and women's) history because I had found the confidence center of my life-purpose.

“I am the engine behind women who are changing the world. I show them how to build and sustain renewable confidence to perform to their highest potential. My graduates ‘lead’ with courage, authenticity, decisiveness, and poise and have achieved the mental bandwidth necessary to fully activate and experience their dreams.”

In 2018, my first action for Dr. V, The Confidence Commander, was to create a campaign to have 1 Million women take The Confidence Commander Pledge.

After that breakthrough moment, two years of working “in” The Center For Confidence, LLC (TCFC), the company I’d created with a mission to empower every individual to gain and sustain confidence..., I felt free to also pursue a personal passion to focus that energy on teaching women and girls how to lead. TCFC would stay in place for me to work on my passion without leaving behind the little boys and young men who also needed a dedicated personal and professional coach who could deliver the same results in life as an athletic coach does on the field.

Confidence can be build up or broken down and its importance to living a healthy and successful life goes beyond issues centered on self-esteem and self-worth. Confidence includes the courage to act on your beliefs and having faith and optimism in the value of the learning gained from the outcomes.

The next step is to design my confidence building system, The Discover Your Confidence Zones™ Toolkit, to help women assess their level of confidence across the key areas of their lives: self, career, relationships, and personal space. During Black History Month and Heart Month, a free Relational Confidence Workbook is available for download HERE.

In 2017, I created the #MeTooJax Resource Booklet to provide information to local victims. I also added sexual harassment coaching into my list of services at TCFC

And finally, as a business owner, I wanted to create a support system for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and microenterprises to serve as each other’s expanded business operations team and accountability partner to ensure we hold each other accountable for the achievement our dreams. T-BAL is all about hitting our targets for 2018, so when 2019 hits in 46 weeks, our businesses will be ready to slay it. Currently the membership is 100% minority female entrepreneurs.

The Dr. V online brand reveal campaign rolls out on Feb. 19 and will conclude with an online reveal during the first week of Women's History Month. I’m on a mission to find my community and I’m on a mission to make black history in 2018 and beyond.

TCFC is currently conducting a study on the value of career “Relational Confidence.” Take the survey at:

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