Refresh, Reset & Repeat: #RenewableConfidence

"Risk taking, failure, and perseverance are essential to confidence-building."

- Kay & Shipman, The Confidence Gap

Congratulations! We’ve reached our eight-week goal to end 2017 with #RenewableConfidence and begin 2018 with new habits, processes, and systems in place that reflect our accomplishments, lessons learned, and opportunities that emerged out of the process. Below is the list of confidence-building blog posts that are available at for instant motivation, ongoing support, and accountability.

Blog Posts for Dr. V’s “End-of-Year Wrap Up and Reflection” series:

Week 1. #RenewableConfidence: Accomplishments, Challenges & Opportunities

Week 2. The Importance of #RelationalConfidence to Goal Achievement

Week 3. Discovering Your Life #ConfidenceZones

Week 4. Competence versus Confidence

Week 5. Creating Confidence Building Systems for Success

Week 6. Creating Confident Goals and Celebrating Outcomes

Week 7. Confidence In Action (CIA): Show Your Work

Week 8. Refresh, Reset & Repeat: #RenewableConfidence

Enjoy your goals and the experience by focusing on habits, processes, and systems that enhance confidence and well-being.

Relational Confidence Survey: We also published a survey on #RelationalConfidence to assess if individuals are confident that their career relationships (mentors, coaches, champions, and sponsors) are moving them closer to their goals. Take the survey at:

Start the new year off with a strong and meaningful personal mantra that speaks to your undeniable power to harness confidence and execute courageous actions and results that will give you the life you desire.

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