Creating Confident Goals & Celebrating Outcomes (6/8)

Happy 2018! How did you approach your holiday dessert. Did you focus on enjoying (outcome) or consuming (goal) the slice?

We are in the final stretch to help you wrap up your goals for 2017 and move into 2018 with confidence. Yes, the year has already started but give yourself a break. You deserve an extra week or two of celebration and reflection.

Today, I want you to identify one thing that is new or better than the previous year. Regardless of how big or small, give yourself a personal gift that symbolizes your accomplishments and provides and anchor to your vision for the future. If this is a challenge, contact me for a free coaching session (click: HERE) to talk out your challenges and discover what’s holding you back.

The attached image of an amethyst is an example of my gift to me. This gift is reflective of how a goal has resulted in a positive outcome. Purple was once a color that I ran away from. For me, it was too creative, unique, and called for attention. I’m a natural introvert and green was more pleasing to my eye. Lately, I’ve embraced purple in its dark and richest form. I love the energy and inspiration I feel when I look at my amethyst.

As you celebrate and reflect -- and then commence working on your goals for 2018 -- start to shift your thinking to the outcomes you want. When we start shifting our thinking into outcomes, we are more focused on what process or system is needed to give us the result we desire. Goals have come to represent a linear way of thinking about achievement. Outcomes also give more flexibility to how we approach the task at hand.

The problem with goals.

1: The Word Goal is Overused. They are seen as overrated.

2: Too many goals. Having too many goals is the same as not having any goals

3: Usually something stands in the way that is outside of your control. Results in stress.

4: Usually Too Big. Large goals have many steps and may result in being ignored or overlooked.

For example, if your goal is to double your revenue in 2018, ask, “How can I achieve that goal by focusing on the action(s) that will most likely lead to the goal being accomplished?” The effect is you forget completely about the goal and look only at accomplishing those well-formed outcomes.

There is peace-of-mind that comes about when people do this. There’s more clarity. There’s more focus. There is more action that ultimately gets done. Remember, the first step to building confidence is action. When there are processes in place that are implemented through daily habits, accomplishing the outcome you desire becomes easier and more attainable than the end goal. Look at it as enjoying (outcome) the slice rather than consuming (goal) it. One focuses on process, systems, and being in the moment. The other focuses on the end result. Which option results in less stress, more flexibility in the process, and more fulfillment in the experience?

Enjoy your goals and the experience by focusing on habits, processes, and systems that enhance confidence and well-being.

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