Why Do I Coach?

I enjoy helping people to succeed and I enjoy creating leaders. My purpose as a life, leadership, and business coach is to help individuals and organizations overcome life or operational challenges, to provide structure and accountability to achieve desired outcomes, and to be their personal champion. As a colleague and fellow life coach at the Society of Emotional Intelligence said recently, “I want to improve the human condition in any way that I can.” For me, this also represents the organizational condition. Organizations are human systems and when I work with people in organizations, it has a residual effect. If the people in the system are better, then the organization is better.

The process of professional coaching often starts with helping individuals to better understand themselves. The role of the coach is to ask powerful questions that set the course to that breakthrough moment when an individual feels empowered and free to honor his/her dreams.

DIVA DECISIONS discusses some of the tools professional coaches use to help individuals clarify their passion. Self assessments can be used to identify their strengths and weaknesses. We also provide specific assessments to assess leadership traits, personality types, and behavioral tendencies when in interpersonal and group relationships. The result is a starting point to help you to achieve your life goals in the most effective and productive may. In the time that we have to live, not a moment should be wasted on self-doubt, lack of confidence, and delay that comes from internal insecurities.

Although I work with all individual needs, I enjoy developing leaders. I’m particularly passionate about developing teenage girls and women leaders. This has some personal meaning for me. I have observed women being overlooked for organizational development and leadership programs. And, among all of the programs and research that exists to make the case for women leaders, there is a gap. Girls need resources that go well beyond the current focus on self esteem, mentorship, and hard skill development such as training in STEM fields, to a more expanded professional development approach that brings out confidence, charisma, and creativity that gives them the power to lead themselves and others to succeed. This personal power comes from the ability to motivate and influence others to achieve the results you seek. Academic Life Coaching helps to identify and nurture these leadership skills.

DIVA DECISIONS: How to get from Smart to Intelligent by Claiming Your Power of Choice, places your success in your own hands. This starts by making more informed decisions that lead to better life choices. How do we do that? We start by increasing our level of self awareness. Who are you? Are you a strong introvert or extrovert? Are you an Achiever, a Developer, or an Activator? Questions will and should go deeper. Ask yourself, what scares you the most? What does success look like to you? What about you will change if you make this choice?

Let's co-create a partnership with me as your personal coach and advocate to help you design a plan to achieve the results you want. You do the work. I facilitate the process using coaching methods, tools, and techniques that are research based and proven successful.

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